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My artistic life has drawn me to projects that tend to restore the central essence of existence of humanity and spirituality. I am convinced that this may be the only possible way for a rebirth,  a rebirth on earth or in another dimension.

This rebirth, however, needs a new frame of thought – a thought that is radical, which restores the center of the very essence of our being and that frees all the love that is able to supply new energy to our soul and change the world. I believe that our soul could be the spirit that many religions speak of, the breeze that keeps us alive and raises us to the status of children of some God. A gift that we have a duty to nurture, a sacred entity that needs to be nourished, but not with food.

My artistic project is born from this premise, it takes shape from the rediscovery of one of the most extraordinary “pop icons” of our times: the Heart.

What I mean is that the heart is today only ever used on occasions that the markets decide to sanctify; a symbol heralded as a mark of virtuousness calling on us to be charitable to compensate for the cynicism of nations; an icon that has been commodified by the system and offended by superficiality, egotism and ignorance which, dispite all this, has never lost its value linked to that idea of Love always in temptation between the sacred and the profane.

In my works, the archetypal form of the heart becomes the temple and  guardian of the temple, a password to access its own contents, a story of a secular pilgrimage towards knowledge. I believe that we must take back this extraordinary symbol and restore to its full meaning. The heart is the emblem of a sacredness that doesn’t need religions and a symbol of a universally shared love. It is a powerful organ that drives the life force through our  veins every day, feeding our brains and our actions. We should put our heart back into the center of our lives, of our politics, of our faith, of our identity as a civil society and  reaffirm the centrality of the human being with passion.